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Tipus Mòbils De Sabó
  • Type Soaps for Tipografies Foundry. 2018
  • Typographic specimen

We’ve all heard about the properties of medicinal plants. In fact, we have exploited and used its benefits before agricultural civilization. It was during the Classical Antiquity period when botany emerged, thanks to the work of Theophrastus. From the earliest manuscripts to medieval herbs, all kinds of information on the identification and properties of plants were compiled. The emergence of the printing industry was a turning point in the transmission of knowledge, as the humanists depured the medieval texts and ensured that they were once again faithful to the original classics. The cover was structured in order to allow an easy identification of the work and pagination appeared, allowing the creation of the quotation system and the thematic or alphabetical index ordering. That is why it can be said that critical thinking and the Renaissance printing industry subserved botanical science.